Compensated for his efforts of promoting that product or the service!


We are experts in embedded marketing:

Have you ever come across scenes in movies and in published media where a product which is not advertised is instantaneously recognized thanks in part to its brand recall value? The people who advocate embedded marketing believe that it is by far the most effective form of advertising. It is the kind of advertising that will strike a chord immediately with the audiences.

A few examples of embedded marketing:

You must have seen paintings by artistes where the beer or the wine bottle that is there in the picture is that of a real brand and when you look at it you instantly recollect the brand image. There are images of the soft drink bottles that are seen sometimes in between the scenes that give the advertiser some scope to catch the audience’s attention.

Another smart way to use such marketing is done by print media where the subtle promotion is done by royalty or tube celebrities in portraits and sitcoms holding newspapers and magazines giving an appearance that these celebrities read these media giants.

Reduces the marketing cost?

If you are thinking that embedded marketing reduces the costing of the campaign and that is never close to the truth. The fact is that when a product manufacturer or a service provider opts for the embedded marketing in place of normal advertising campaign then it means that he does not want to make a direct impact on the minds of the customer. But, instead he is opting for a subtler way to put the message across to the prospective audience. 

The cost is real:

The person who allows the embedded marketing in to his product will definitely expect money to be given to him since he endorses the product and he is to be regarded as the brand ambassador and therefore he must be compensated for his efforts of promoting that product or the service!